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Here at The Bloomin’ Gardener, we take great pride in the quality and variety of our products.

All of our plants receive individualized attention, as we strive to grow and produce the healthiest, longest lasting plant for you to take home and enjoy.  We specialize in plant arrangements, bedding pots, hanging baskets and vegetables and herbs.

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We attend a number of trade and gift shows throughout the year.

We strive to bring home that extra special something to add a unique, unusual, and compelling accent to your home and garden oasis. Whether it be an aged stoneware fountain, naturalistic and one-of-a-kind patio furniture or that extra object of serendipity to make your own garden a genuine standout. The assortment is changing continuously, with a number of limited items regularly coming in… and going out!

The Bloomin’ Gardener is a family operation.

The Bloomin’ Gardener has been run by founders Mike and Kelly Colasanti since 1997. They have over 45,000 square feet of state of the art greenhouse production, as well as over 30,000 square feet of outdoor production.

We welcome you to our greenhouse and look forward to your visit!

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