For your tropicals, like Hibiscus, that you’ve had outside all summer and would like to bring indoors, it’s important to follow a few critical steps:

  1. Cut your plant back at least one third.  Cutting back will allow sufficient amount of light through the centre of the plant.  As well, it eliminates some possible bug problems.
  2. Hose your plant down using a spray type nozzle.  Doing this will clean the foliage and knock off any unwanted bugs.  Allow time for the plant to dry before beginning step 3.
  3. Spray your plant thoroughly with an organic insecticide soap, both on the top and underside of the foliage. Allow the plant time to dry, then bring indoors.  CAUTION:  Do NOT spray in hot sun.

Remember, your plant will need time to acclimate itself to the light and temperature indoors.  Make sure you put your plant in the brightest window possible, preferably with southern or southwest exposure.

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