Gerbera Daisies


Do NOT leave in the sleeves for more than a couple of days


INDOOR – Bright, indirect natural light is best.  It is not necessary to have it in a window, but it is required to be bright. Florescent lighting should only be for short term.  The plant will begin to deteriorate with lack of natural light.

OUTDOOR – Start off with putting in partial shade.  Direct Sunlight may burn the plant at first. You must acclimate the plant first.


INDOOR –   Keep moist but not wet.  Plants do not like wet feet.  make sure there is not any water sitting in the pot cover.  If so then drain.

Do not allow the plant to completely dry to wilt; you will dehydrate the leaves and stress the plant.  Over watering will also make the plant wilt.  Check by touch first or weight, then decide your amount of water.

OUTDOOR – Keep moist but not wet.  Do not allow to completely dry to wilt.